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Suit & Tie Wax Melts

Suit & Tie Wax Melts

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Introduce an enchanting aroma to your space with our soy wax melts. Beginning with a refreshing blend of ozone and petitgrain at the top, these melts bring a crisp and invigorating essence to any room. Transitioning to the middle, enjoy the soothing fusion of plum, sea salt, and eucalyptus, creating a calming and revitalizing atmosphere. Finally, the base notes of dark musk, powder, and sandalwood offer a deep and grounding scent, leaving a lingering and comforting aroma. Carefully curated, our soy wax melts promise to fill your space with a captivating and balanced fragrance experience.

Contains 100% soy wax which creates a much cleaner and slower, chemical and toxin free melt pool.

This item is part of our staple collection which means it is sold all year long.

Wax melts can only be melted in wax warmers.

Note Profile
Top:  Ozone, Petitgrain
Middle: Plum, Sea Salt, Eucalyptus
Base: Dark Musk, Powder, Sandalwood 
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Suit & Tie Wax Melts
Suit & Tie Wax MeltsS&TWAXMELTS
Suit & Tie Wax MeltsS&TWAXMELTS
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