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The Scent Spot



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Use some sachets to freshen up and absorb odorous smells within different areas! 


Clean Cotton Notes:

Top: Powder, Ozone

Middle: Cotton Blossom, Lily of the Valley

Base: Light Musk, Violet


Lovely Lavender Notes:

Top: Lavender, Chamomile

Middle: Musk

Base: Eucalyptus




How do I use a sachet?

Shake lightly to activate fragrance and place sachet in an area that you'd like to add a fragrance to.

Please note that the sachet gives off more fragrance when left in heat. This leads to a shorter lifespan in certain cases.


Where can I place a sachet? 

Sachets can be placed just about anywhere! Place one in your car, closet, suitcases/luggage, bathrooms, trash can linings, drawers/cabinets, rooms, shoe racks and more. 

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